You Can Now Buy $15 Period Pants at Woolworths

We’re kind of obsessed with period pants, and while that might be a weird thing to admit, after years of doing the “same old thing”, any kind of innovation in the period marketplace has the potential to get us pretty excited.

While period pants or period underwear are not a new invention and we’ve previously put them through their paces, the one thing that always come up in conversation, regardless of if you’re talking to a period-pants convert or just someone curious to try, is how huge the financial investment can be.

Although you are making an investment in a reusable alternative in the long-run, the short-term outlay can be enough to make testing out this type of technology a non-option for many. Once you add up the cost of enough pairs to cover your cycle, shipping costs and the fear that your personal preference might have you rejecting the product entirely, the level of investment in your period can equate to a pretty penny (or about the cost of a pair of Marni shoes as one writer discovered).

However, local brand Love Luna has set out to change that narrative, launching a line of affordable period pants into Woolworths that won’t cost you more than $15. The line includes three styles, each with an individual absorbency to choose from: the bikini brief, the midi brief and the full brief.

Unlike other period-pants brands, Love Luna market these as a “pad alternative”, describing them as your first “line of defence” to be worn in conjunction with a tampon or menstrual cup, as opposed to flying solo (although let’s be real, you can do whatever you feel most comfortable with).

At first look (and touch), the pants don’t feel as sophisticated as some of the more expensive alternatives we’ve tested (the padding feels slightly bulkier), but given the price point, coming in at only $15 we feel it would almost be unfair to compare them directly, almost like comparing La Perla to your favourite pair of Target undies — it’s not an even playing field.

Keep reading for a closer look at the different styles and shop the product below.


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