What is Heartburn and how to treat heartburn and Understand Peptic Ulcer Treatment

Heartburn is a burning sensation that you feel around your heart It is a very uncomfortable feeling and it feels like that there is a stuffy or pressure inside the chest area and cannot be released

Sometimes, a regurgitating action happens with acidic fluid coming out from the stomach and back up into esophagus and then to the mouth After this happens, it relieves the pressure feeling previously experienced However, the digestive juices from the stomach will cause burning sensation all the way from the esophagus to the mouth As a result, the inner lining of cells will be damaged from the digestive juices The causes of heartburn can be many and it often varied among people

In order to prevent heartburn from happening is to record and remember what it may cause by and avoid it in the future Analyze the food you take that cause the heartburn problem and also the time you ate it Don't just take over the counter medication since those medications will not curing it Many serious problems may cause the same symptoms So if you experience these problems, try to find if there is a logic behinds it related to what you ate and your lifestyle

Then you can try to modify your eating habit and lifestyle first In the book, A Quick Understanding on What Doctors Are Prescribing, there is a chapter called "Peptic Ulcer Treatment" that totally devoted in describing the medications in greater details


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