What Indian Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Can you tell me what Indian foods to avoid during pregnancy? Avoid any foods that give you indigestion, because pregnancy brings acid reflux to a lot of women and spicy foods make that worse for a lot of people Indian foods aren’t particularly bad for me in that regard

Though I’ve heard some foods are better than others You should avoid high caffeine foods like Middle East coffees Those tend to be as potent as a Starbucks double shot mocha I read that a Saudi woman could divorce her husband for not giving her coffee And they’re debating whether he can divorce her via text message

All you have to do is say Talaq three times I’ve heard that you should avoid foods that increase your body heat, but that makes no sense That’s an Asian belief, that foods are associated with temperatures and chi and energies In reality, your major concern is making sure the food is fully cooked and not left out at room temperature A lot of their spices are supposedly good for you

Don’t take herbs or spices with medicinal properties If you can’t take Tylenol, you certainly shouldn’t eat potent herbs But ginger is good for nausea Yes, ginger is good for nausea, though it burns if you throw it up I read that women should stay away from a lot of fruits like pineapple and vegetables, despite that being the best foods to eat while pregnant

A lot of Indians have to be careful eating raw greens and all dairy because of food hygiene or the lack thereof in India Pineapple and papaya aren’t bad for you and actually quite healthy if the citrus won’t worsen indigestion So why would someone say you shouldn’t eat pineapple? It is like the old beliefs like feed a cold and starve a fever Though raw papaya does contain chemicals that can trigger miscarriage That’s dangerous

Canned papaya and dried papaya are both already cooked and thus safe But other hot food and cold food concepts only matter if you’re Hindu And pregnancy isn’t something I want to re-do


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