What Causes Heartburn in Pregnancy

Welcome back So what causes that horrible, horrible heartburn in pregnancy? That’s what we’re going to cover today

Hi I’m Ann Hession I’m an energy healing practitioner and a medical intuitive and today, we’re talking about heartburn and acid reflux during pregnancy which is just a horrible, horrible, horrible topic It’s not bad enough that you get the nausea and the bloating and the constipation, sometimes you get heartburn on top of it all First, I just want to talk about the difference between heartburn and acid reflux So acid reflux is what’s physically and mechanically happening, when acid from your stomach is going back up going up into your esophagus which is the tube that connects from your throat down through your diaphragm to your stomach

And the primary symptom of acid reflux is that experience of heartburn So often people use them interchangeably, but that’s the difference between the two One is really the condition and the other is a symptom of that condition If you’re suffering from it right now, you probably could not care less but now you know So what causes the acid reflux and therefore that burning sensation in the chest that we call heartburn although it has nothing to do with your heart, is primarily that the valve that’s supposed to be preventing the acid from going up into your esophagus is not doing its job

This is called the cardiac sphincter, it’s also called the lower esophageal sphincter And during pregnancy, the hormone progesterone causes that valve that sphincter to relax so that in itself may cause the reflux and the heartburn even early in pregnancy Especially if that’s something you are already kind of prone to And then later in pregnancy, this gets seriously exacerbated by the increasing pressure in the developing baby below All kinds of things are getting pushed out of the way and that makes the release of the stomach acid up into the esophagus even more likely

In fact in some cases, the actual contents of your stomach in other words partially digested food, can even get pushed up into your esophagus On a sidenote, things and by things I mean your organs, can get seriously moved around in the later stages of pregnancy We have a family story about that, back in the 1920’s, my grandmother Hazel almost died because her appendix burst and it took the surge in a really, really long time to find it and remove it because in her pregnancy a couple of years before, her appendix had gotten moved all the way back up and was seriously like hiding up behind parts of her colon and small intestine It was very touch-and-go and they almost lost her This was before antibiotics remember? But she pulled through and the story goes that the next day after she was still alive and recovering, the surgeon came into her hospital room and said, “whoa, I guess we’re going to have to kill you with an axe

” She was one very tough lady by the way But it just goes to show you really never know, what’s going to happen to your body when you get pregnant It’s a crapshoot Back to progesterone, remember we are talking about progesterone and how it relaxes that cardiac sphincter at the top of your stomach This hormone relaxes your smooth muscle tissue

It relaxes the muscle walls of the uterus and other muscle tissue as well And while that ultimately is going to make it easier for your pregnancy to progress, it doesn’t fortunately have that effect on the cardiac sphincter as well and it can slow down all of your digestion Making it kind of sluggish because the muscles of the stomach, the small and large intestines as well are not moving things along at the normal pace So that can be a factor with the heartburn as well and if you’re thinking that that may be one of the reasons you’re also experiencing constipation, you are correct So if that’s what’s happening, what can you do about it? Well, first let’s cover the simple stuff and hopefully this will be all you need

Some of the most common recommendations which certainly have helped many women are – one, trying to eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day, if you can, instead of three large meal And now there is to wait an hour after eating or longer if you can before lying down Avoiding spicy, greasy, fatty foods tends to help Eating yogurt with live probiotic cultures or drinking a glass of milk is often helpful for some women and some people have had success with a tablespoon of honey and a glass of warm milk Most women find it’s better to avoid carbonated drinks

Caffeine, processed meats, mustard and vinegar Anything else that you find specially upsets your stomach, which of course can be quite individual I know some women that just can’t drink flat, uncarbonated water though during pregnancy They can’t seem to keep that down at all but carbonated water for whatever reason works So you also need to go with what works for you

Sleeping propped up if you can, so that you’ve got gravity more and more on your side is a good idea Of course wearing loose comfortable clothing that doesn’t add any more pressure to what you already have going on down there and getting as much exercise as you can That’s going to decrease stress, it’s going to oxygenate your blood and promote better digestion overall Now, that is all good advice and you should try it and see what works for you But what if none of that really helps or it has a little but you’re still plagued by that acid and heartburn, keeping you from sleeping and eating and from having a healthy enjoyable pregnancy? Well, as an energy healer with a specialty in working with pregnant women and helping them with pregnancy nausea and discomfort and digestive problems, I can tell you that it is possible to work directly on the underlying causes of the acid reflux and have a significant impact on it

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of energy healing at all, you may want to first watch my videos What’s energy healing and does energy healing really work to get a better understanding and I’ll do a quick summary right now So energy healing is a general kind of umbrella term for any number of different healing modalities that work with the subtle energy systems of the body to stimulate and unblock and promote the body’s own natural healing processes There are many different kinds of energy healing, reiki, acupuncture, the bowen method, EFT also called tapping, product healing, the emotion code, the body code, and many, many, many more You may be already into energy healing already or you’re at least intrigued and open to it enough that you want to hear more or maybe you’re really desperate for help

So you’re willing to try anything whichever it is Let me tell you my experience about what works for energy healing in these kinds of issues When I do a healing session for a pregnant client who’s suffering from severe heartburn caused by acid reflux, I’m looking for the underlying imbalances that are causing it The most common imbalances I find are an imbalance of the stomach itself, the organ of the stomach and imbalance of the cardiac sphincter So remember that’s the sphincter about at the top of the stomach and imbalance of the liver, which is really working overtime and quite stress during pregnancy and is an important part of the digestive system and or involve an imbalance of the gallbladder

Which is also under stress and working hard and plays a very important role in digestion There certainly can be plenty of other causes As I said it is very individual but those are the ones that I find come up most So let’s say that the first thing I find when I start looking for the causes is that there’s an imbalance of the liver Well, then I’m going to look to see what’s underlying that? What’s causing the problem and stress to the liver

There could be all kinds of things but in my experience by far, the single most common underlying imbalance behind all health issues I’ve ever helped people with, including a stressed-out liver has been trapped blocked emotional energy that stuck in our bodies from the past These trapped emotional energies negatively affect our organs and glands our muscles or nerves and all the other tissues of the body at the cellular level They promote stress and pain anxiety, dysfunction They can drive negative behaviors and patterns in our lives and releasing them, unblocks our body’s own incredible, powerful ability to heal itself You might want to watch my video on what is emotional baggage? Tell her more about that

But the short version here, when I identify these underlying trapped emotional energies, I can clear them for good in a matter of seconds There may be other types of imbalances as well, as well as the trapped emotional baggage the past that we can find all of those and clear them using energy healing like the emotion code in the body code and when we do that we remove the blocks that we’re preventing the body’s own natural healing process from working It’s quite amazing what happens It’s certainly not a miracle It actually makes perfect sense when you understand it but it really can seem like one sometimes

I hope that was helpful and I hope some of those remedies work for you quickly and if they don’t, reach out because I can help you beyond that


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