Watermelon Is the Real MVP of the Summer Fruits

At the POPSUGAR Australia office we like to discuss the big issues – one of these being which fruit is the Beyoncé of the fruit world. And while the discussion varied (one person who shall not be named was adamant that honeydew is basically a waste of time), the overall consensus was that watermelon is the real MVP of the Summer fruits. Which got me thinking? What is watermelon’s deal, and why is it so damn delicious?

Essentially the cucumber equivalent of the fruit world, watermelon is great for a variety of reasons. And because I’ll take any opportunity to go all Ally McBeal on you, I’m going to break out a (hopefully) convincing argument below. But in all seriousness, from face masks, to salads and smoothies, to being the perfect prop for all your Summer Instagrams, there’s almost nothing that watermelon can’t do (repeat after me).

  1. Watermelon Is Crazy Hydrating: Watermelon contains so much water (92% in fact) that it’s essentially a fancy Fiji Water that’s watermelon infused. It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated if you find drinking bottle after bottle of regular tap water gets a little boring.
  2. It Will Keep You Regular (Down There): Because of it’s unique combination of water and fibre (and a little sugar), watermelon will leave you feeling fuller longer, while also keeping things in your digestive system moving along nicely (if you get my drift). Perfect for advocating against annoying Summer bloat.
  3. Say Hi to Better Hair and Skin: Watermelon contains two big players in the healthy hair and skin department, vitamins A and C. Some studies have also shown that eating an increased level of lycopene and beta carotene may also help in preventing sunburn. So essentially this is proof that watermelon was made to be eaten at the beach.
  4. It’s Your Low-Calorie BFF: Watermelon is one of the lowest calorie fruits you can find, coming it at only 46 calories per cup. And considering the low calories, watermelons nutritional benefits are high, being rich in vitamins and minerals, so you can be sure you’re getting the most goodness out of your food per bite.
  5. A Saviour for Sore Muscles: A recent study has linked the potassium- and magnesium-rich juice of watermelon to the ability to relieve muscle soreness. So if you’re trying to eat cleaner, watermelon juice is a great substitute for a sports drink post-workout.


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