This Charity Wants You to Start Touching Yourself

We know it can be an intense topic, but we’re back again to harp on about the importance of touching yourself on a regular basis — touching your boobs that is.

Understanding that the topic of self-examination can be complicated, confusing and even a little scary (What am I supposed to be looking for? Are my underarms even part of my boobs? Do I touch my nipples?), the lovely people over at CoppaFeel, a UK-based charity, are tackling these questions chest-on so you don’t have to drive yourself crazy with worry, and can get busy instead.

Their latest awareness campaign features a how-to video, breaking down the right way to perform a tit-check, with their sole mission being to educate and remind us ladies (and men) to get acquainted and comfortable with feeling our boobs on a monthly basis. The thought being, the more familiar we are with what feels normal (for us), the more likely we will be to recognise when something is wrong.

Watch the video below and be sure to share this important message with the people in your life. And remember, if you think something doesn’t feel right, or you just want some more information, talk to your GP.


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