The Medicine Ball Strength Workout That’ll Leave You and Your Gym BFF Dripping

It’s a fact that working out with a partner is more fun, and it’s also a fact that nothing cements a friendship — and a fitness commitment — like sweating it out with your BFF. “Workout partners will get you into the gym on days you don’t want to be there, keep you safe while you’re working with heavier weights, and will push you to complete every movement and work harder than you do on your own,” said Andy Coggan, CSCS, CES, a certified personal trainer with Gold’s Gym. Andy put together this partner workout that’s perfect for crushing with your BFF.

“This is a full-body workout that alternates between upper body and lower body with plenty of core exercises and heart-pumping conditioning to burn calories and build muscle,” Andy told POPSUGAR. Since you’re alternating reps with your partner, you get a little extra rest between each one but not a lot of break time overall. That way, Andy explained, you can “keep your time in the gym down but increase your strength by maximising total intensity.”

Full-Body Partner Workout

Equipment needed: A light- to medium-weight medicine ball.

Directions: Complete the short warmup. Do one set of each exercise, then repeat to complete two full circuits. (Note when there is a 30-second rest between sets.) Finish with a full-body cooldown like this one.

Warmup: 2 Sets Per Move Distance/Time
Jog 10-20 yards
High skip 10-20 yards
Lateral shuffle 20-30 seconds
Walking lunge with twist and reach 10-20 yards
Plank walkout 20-30 seconds
Squat jumps 20-30 seconds
Circuit Reps/Time
Buddy squat and toss with medicine ball 15 reps
Side-by-side plank with a rolling medicine ball 1 minute, with a 30-second rest between sets
Alternating lunge jumps 10 reps
Medicine ball sit-up with pass 15 reps
You go, I go burpees 10 reps, with a 30-second rest in between sets

Keep reading to see how to do each exercise.


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