The Gut Healing Staple Jesinta Franklin Is Relying on This Winter

We know, we’ve touted the benefits of gut health (multiple, multiple times). But like anything else we can’t shut up about, it’s only because it’s so important to your overall well-being — particularly come Winter, when your immune system is being assaulted from all angles.

Besides stressing less, drinking Kombucha and even upping your cardio (weirdly, it’s been proven to increase good gut bacteria), there’s one more way you can help your gut, and the answer is bone broth.

Yes, we’ll admit the name doesn’t exactly conjure up a delicious visual, but we promise bone broth isn’t just your ordinary stock. Besides being great for boosting general wellness and gut health, it’s also the Winter staple Jesinta Franklin relies on.

Traditionally, bone broth is something you’d make from scratch (see our tried and tested recipe here) but if you’re short on time (who really has time for some mid-week, bone-boiling?), Jesinta let us in on her broth prepping secret. She saves herself time and buys this gut healing staple, pre-made, in bone broth concentrate form. Genius huh?

The product in question? Meadow and Marrow’s Bone Broth Concentrate, which according to the brand’s website has “nutrients so thick they stick to the back of your spoon.” The brand suggests adding the concentrate to “mashed veg, sauces, marinades, smoothies and even your morning coffee”. Or, you can also do as Jesinta does and substitute it in place of stock when cooking your favourite soup. Basically, it’s the easiest way to turn any of your Winter meal staples into gut healing dishes.


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