The 12 Healthy Snacks Worth Adding to Your Amazon Fresh Cart

We want to eat healthy, but sometimes, it feels like life gets in the way. That’s why we’re obsessed with Amazon Fresh. We can get all our favourite groceries delivered straight to our door, thanks to our trusty Amazon Prime membership. Just log on to Amazon Fresh, and shop your staple groceries, often at a discount, from the comfort of your couch. Right now, we’re always on the go, so we rely on having healthy snacks in stock at the house should a craving strike.

These are our 12 favourite healthy snacks on Amazon Fresh. We rely on staples like carrots and hummus, but also need to have at least one pint of Halo Top in the freezer. Plus, some of our favourite Whole Foods products are just a click away. Starting at just $1, now there’s no excuse not to snack healthy.


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