Signs My Baby Has Acid Reflux

What are the signs my baby has acid reflux? He upchucks more than the average baby That could be because he has food allergies

Food allergies will cause digestive upset for that particular food If you take that food out of the diet and the vomiting stops, you know it isn’t acid reflux Then there’s the possibility he’s just eating stuff he shouldn’t be Yeah, that bottle from yesterday he put down under the crib and picked back up today could cause him to puke tonight But careful controlling what he eats eliminates those symptoms in a day or two

I’ve heard babies can have acid reflux, but it isn’t like I can give him a Tums You could try mixing a little baking soda with his bottle, since that’s an all natural base to neutralize stomach acid I know it seems like he eats everything, but I don’t think he’ll eat that So cut back on the acidic foods in the diet like soda, beer and coffee If my kid was consuming any of that, we have a problem

OK, that’s a standard answer for an adult with acid reflux For a baby, cut back on the tomatoes, oranges or grapefruit Grapefruits are as good as lemons for those cute bitter face baby videos on Youtube Cut back on the high fat foods like cheese and nuts, since the high fat consumption can trigger indigestion So let the kid have more baloney and less cheese

And pressure on the stomach could make acid reflux worse So let the kid sit up for a while or hold them upright for a while before you put them down for a nap If that doesn’t work, I could ask the pediatrician for a kid safe antacid Or you could just give the kid either pasta or cheese or orange juice to drink but not all three at once Serving spaghetti does just as well, since half of it ends up on the kid’s head


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