Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living : Foods That Stop Heartburn

Did you know that over twenty five percent of all Americans suffer from heartburn? I'm Isabelle Simon, I am your Wellness Consultant and today we are going to learn what foods you can use to stop heartburn Heartburn is basically the inflammation and the irritation of your esophagus, usually cause by acidic foods like alcohol, spicy foods, fried foods that irritate your esophagus

My best choice, my favorite choice to stop heartburn for food is actually a juice It's called aloe juice The aloe vera plant has very, very potent healing properties And basically you would take the juice, mix it with a little bit of water You only need about a capful cause it's very concentrated, mix it with water and with every sip that you take, it will heal the passage of your esophagus

And that is really as simple as that Remember aloe vera juice mix with some water And that would be my best recommendation if you are suffering from heartburn for you to use I'm Isabelle Simon I am your Personal and Workplace Wellness Consultant and remember good health begins with good nutrition


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