Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living : Foods That Give You Heartburn

Did you know that over twenty five percent of Americans suffer from heart burn? I'm Isabelle Simon I am your personal and workplace wellness consultant and today we are going to learn the foods to avoid or actually the foods that give you heartburn Your first step would probably be for you to kind of keep a log of when you have flare ups and keep a log of the foods that you just ate

This would help you kind of identify you know what's causing you the flareups But let me give you a couple of things to start with Number one thing that will definitely give you heartburn are spicy foods Number two fried foods, number three chocolate Number four, peppermint and number five alcohol

All these foods will trigger your stomach to produce more acid to be able to digest those foods So you are creating so much effort on your body and now you have this feeling of oh my gosh everything is on fire So the best way to you know avoid having heartburn is to stay away from those foods This is just to get you started but remember to keep a log You may have some foods that trigger more heartburns for you then others

I'm Isabelle Simon your personal and workplace wellness consultant And remember good health begins with good nutrition


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