Newborn acid reflux symptoms with Dr. Sudipta Misra

– Hello I'm Dr Sudipta Misra

I'm a pediatric gastroenterologist in practice for about 25 years and today we are going to talk about babies with vomiting In fact all babies have reflux and they do spit up or they do vomit This vomiting or spitting up gets worse from birth to about four months of age And though they may appear to be vomiting a lot if we give them enough time they'll improve After the four months but it does not entirely go away til the child starts walking around 12 months of age

What we look for is what is called the reflux signs If the child is otherwise doing well, gaining weight, he doesn't appear to be pain while drinking or otherwise doesn't have any blood in the vomitus, does not have any choking episodes or pneumonia or wheezing, then we tend to leave them alone But if your child has any one of these symptoms I will suggest that you see a physician and the physician feels it right then maybe a specialist to see if anything can be done But most of the time we diagnose them as happy spitters which means that they do spit that cause at times social problems for parents when they want to visit somebody or something like that but their child otherwise looks fine and they just grow out of it But if there is an issue that can be treated with medications majority of the times


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