Miranda Kerr Drinks Her Water Filtered Through Crystals

We know collecting crystals seem to be everywhere right now, and although we can’t attest to crystal healing as a science, we’re personally on board with harnessing as much positive energy as we can. Anything that can help to balance our busy lives, make us feel good, and counteract the amount of screen time (read: radiation) we have on a daily basis and we’re coming in hot — essentially we’re very comfortable with 2017 being the year of the modern witch.

But there’s one area of our routine we hadn’t thought about introducing crystals — and that’s in our H20. Until a recent chat with Miranda Kerr, we didn’t even know crystal-infused water was a thing. But after talking to Miranda at length about the power of crystals (PSA: All Kora Organics products are actually filtered through a big rose quartz — how cool!), she shared that she not only likes to ensure she meets her daily water quota, but she likes to do it by sipping on crystal-infused water.

“I got these really cool bottles for my birthday that you can just refill with water, but at the bottom is a rose quartz,” says Miranda. “I actually have a rose quartz one and an amethyst and I use them all the time. You feel like you’re getting that little extra bit of love when you have your water.”

If this isn’t the easier (and coolest-looking) way to drink more water, and up your vibrational frequency, we don’t know what is. We’re adding both the rose and clear quartz bottle to our crystal collection now.


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