MedCline™ Acid Reflux Pillow System Treatment for Barrett’s Esophagus – Testimonial from Edward

My name is Edward I live in San Diego California

I drive an eighteen-wheeler and I work nights I remember back when I was in my early twenties that I started getting heartburn, severe heartburn Rolaids® didn't work and I wasn't on any medications at that time and I began to start noticing that it burns and burns and burns Poor eating habits when I was younger caused severe GERD and when I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus it was about maybe over two years ago I've been dealing with that pain since then

I've tried everything, I try not to eat before I go to bed Eating Rolaids® while I'm asleep trying, you know, not to wake up If you've got heartburn you eat Rolaids®, you keep them at the side of the bed Try sleeping on your side Try everything

It's its bad sometimes at night I used to just buy a bunch of pillows and try and make a wedge, but it didn't work

They always, you know, smashed down My doctor recommended MedCline™ and they sent me a pillow and I've been using it ever since My sleep in general has been much much better I feel refreshed and energetic during the day As a professional driver its really important that I get at least

eight hours of sleep I was skeptical at first when I got the MedCline™ then I gave it a shot and then got used to sleeping with the pillow every night and it's fantastic!


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