Looking for a remedy for heartburn? You have to hear Matt’s story.

– Hi, I'm Dr BJ Hardick, I'm here with my friend and my colleague, Matt

We're talking about heartburn, it's so interesting because a lot of people think that heartburn is a condition of your heart It's not a condition of the heart at all It is a sign of some bad digestive processes and we're spending a lot of time talking about digestion, healthy foods for digestion, healthy lifestyle practices for digestion, in Maximized Living this season So, I want to get to a real life example because, Matt, you had dealt with heartburn over 10 years ago, even as a young kid, what were some of the initial signs that you were dealing with heartburn, how did it develop, and what did you do before you discovered Maximized Living? – Yeah, absolutely, I mean, it started when I was about 18 and I really started having some flare-ups and some heartburn, some indigestion, so I went to my doctor and was prescribed PPIs, proton pump inhibitors, that are really kind of the standard pill that anybody gets when they get heartburn right now And then the sad thing was I was on those for over 10 years after that before I finally discovered Maximized Living and the advanced plan for diet

– Did you deal with any side effects as a result of being on that medication for 10 years? – Yeah, I mean, I was never really able to control weight and I definitely gained some weight that just kind of snuck up on me I thought it was just because I was getting older but it started as a low dosage and then it kept moving up and up and up – Yeah – So I'd actually gone through just about every process you could to figure out what was going on – Yeah – with my stomach

I'd had scopes, I'd had advanced testing and whatnot and the end result was just stay on the pills – Yeah It's interesting too because it's always assumed that your body's just producing this extra acid for no good reason – Yeah – Our approach has always been to say, why's the body not working properly in the first place? – Exactly

– Why are there these acidic flare-ups, so, I guess how did things come about that you started looking at the Five Essentials of Maximized Living, how quickly did things change? – Yeah, yeah, really started actually after I'd had my first son and I had gone through all of the traditional things you would with your doctor, the scopes, and the different plans and then when the result was stay on the pills I started looking to more natural solutions and that's when I went the naturopath and then I actually went to, I found you, and started learning about the Five Essentials and learning about subluxation, learning about how the spine plays a critical role in everything functioning and so literally the first adjustment, I came back to you at the second adjustment, I said, "Is it right for my stomach to be feeling weird "after I got adjusted?" And it was shortly after that that I weaned off two pills a day and went down to one pill a day and then it was probably about four months after we started that I went to no pills – Yeah, were you working alongside your conventional medical doctor while you were weaning off the pills? – No, no, I did go back and talk to them after – I always find it interesting because clinically I've never told somebody to not take a medication, but people do get to a point where they can either work on their own to monitor their own status of how they're doing, how they're feeling, or they can work with their doctor come off it quite well Our job is always to say, "How can we promote better functioning in your body?" Not provide an alternative to medication but just get your body working right in the first place Hopefully that you're well enough that then you don't have to be on things from the outside in and then deal with those side effects that you're dealing with as well

So, and then you noticed an immediate change right away Again a lot of people forget that the brain runs the body through the spinal cord The nerves come out of the spine, thy control all organs, including organs of digestion – Yes – And that's why, historically, growing up in chiropractic we always saw that when people start getting adjustments, sometimes it wasn't their back pain or their neck pain or something physical that went away first, they'd come back saying the digest their foods better, they sleep better, their energy is better

This could actually change first sometimes You were more on the lookout for it 'cause you had those troubles – Yeah – But then also, like, how did the rest of your journey go as well because nowadays we obviously through the Five Essentials wanna look at what else you're doing from a perspective, nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, so, how quickly did you get into that and how did that help get you further? _ Yeah, so, almost right away I got really excited about everything that we're doing, I went on to the advance plan and I'd already gone kinda gluten free and then realized everything else that plays into that and for no reason other than I figured everything bad comes between two pieces of bread so I should probably stop eating bread – Yeah

– So that whole diet and regime change really helped everything and I ended up about six or eight months into it, looking at the scale and realized I'd lost about 45 pounds – Yeah – So, I was pretty excited about that, didn't mean to but I had to go buy new shirts and all that stuff 'cause nothing fit So, the overall journey after that was just kind of like one success after another and they just kept adding and adding and adding on So now that I feel better, I'm off these pills, I have more energy, I eat better

– Yeah – And just end up having a better outlook on what I'm eating and what's right to eat and I've shared that with, obviously, my family and friends and just about anybody I run into – Yeah, yeah Amazing story, I think the take home here is that there really, really is a kind of conventional way that people do things, there's an accepted way, it's very accepted in North America that if you have a problem, that you just have to live with it maybe for the rest of your life I'm glad you chose not to and I'm glad you chose to look at some other alternatives and some other options and, again, it's all about promoting regular function, natural function, the way your body's supposed to work in the first place and that ultimately is the heart of the Five Essentials

Is getting your body back to working the way it was supposed to in the first place and then letting you then discover your best health that you possibly can as a result So, thank you for sharing your story – Absolutely – If you know of other cases like this, if you know of other people that are dealing with issues, not just related to heartburn but other digestive problems whether it's constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, Crohn's Disease, all these things, you have to still always look back to that connection with the nervous system, look to the person's nutrition If there's a way we can help through Maximized Living, let's do our best for those people too


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