Kayla Itsines Reveals 8 Tips For Avoiding Exercise-Related Breakouts

Kayla Itsines opened up about her struggle with acne via Instagram stories on Monday. The influencer shared before and after photos of her skin and revealed the $14 product she believes cleared it up but perhaps more interestingly, she offered-up advice when it comes to preventing breakouts caused by working out.

Kayla identified a number of bad habits that can cause congestion, with her number one tip shining a light on something we’re all guilty of. “Do not touch the gym equipment that everyone else has touched,” stressed Kayla, “And then proceed to wipe your sweat off your face with the same hand you touched the equipment with.” She also spoke about the importance of changing your pillowcase every second night, especially if you don’t wash your hair after a workout, explaining that sleeping on the same slip with sweaty hair night after night is an issue for skin.

The influencer signed off by saying “I’m obviously not a skincare expert, I’m a personal trainer.” but when it comes to this subject, we’re choosing to take what Kayla says as bible.

Read on for her top tips!


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