I’m a Trainer, and These Are the Ab Exercises Everyone Should Know For a Stronger Core

No matter your fitness level, having a strong core should always be prioritised, in my opinion. To clarify, I’m not talking about getting a six-pack; there’s a difference between having a strong core and visible abdominal muscles. If a six-pack is your goal, great, but I’m talking about developing core strength for everyday function.

Your abdominal muscles are made up of your external obliques and internal obliques (responsible for rotation of your torso and side flexion), transverse abdominis (your deep core muscles, also called your TVA, that help stabilise your lumbar spine and pelvis), and your rectus abdominis muscles (commonly referred to as the six-pack muscles).

These muscles help you carry heavy bags of groceries for blocks with ease (you’re working your lateral core/obliques), get you closer Naomi Campbell posture, can improve your athletic performance, and are activated when you sneeze and have bowel movements.

Instead of going on a tangent about my favourite ab exercises – there are a lot like rotational ball slams – these are the essential exercises you should master. Editor’s note: this is not an ab workout. I repeat: this is not an ab workout, so please don’t do all these exercises at once. Instead, begin to implement two to three moves into your workout routine at a time. Check them out ahead, and get ready to strengthen your abs.


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