How you can prevent and treat stomach ulcer or Heart burn

Hello And welcome to the medical show I'm DrGrace I'm very glad you are watching today Today, we are going to talk about Heartburn and Peptic ulcer disease Have you ever had heartburn? Or do you frequently have it? Have you had stomach ulcer before or do you have it at the moment? Take a few minutes to listen to this discussion and I'm sure you will understand at the end what causes it what you need to do and how you can prevent it Heart is when you have pain in your chest like a burning sensation that you feel at the mid part of your chest and sometimes it can move to your neck to your throat and to the angle of your jaw Peptic ulcer disease is a common name that is given to stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer What do we mean by this? When there is breakage in the lining of your stomach wall or the first part of your small intestine which is called duodenum it can lead to what we called Ulcer

And this is called Peptic ulcer disease Peptic ulcer disease is a curable diease What are the risk factors for it Or what can cause peptic ulcer disease and heart burn? For Heartburn, if you are very used to taking spicy foods or citrus food If yours is your weight, if you are on a very high side on your weight or pregnancy or you are used to lying down very quickly after food or you eat late at night or yours is smoking These are risk factors for heart burn When we talk about peptic ulcer disease, there are causes of the peptic ulcer disease or risk factors which are: infection from H pylori which is called This is a bacteria infection that is present in the digestive system and it invades the stomach wall and can cause inflammation or swelling or and which lead to ulceration of the stomach wall it also increases the acidic content in your stomach wall when this microorganism is present it can really cause the peptic ulcer disease But thankfully, there are antibiotics that can be taken to help treat or eradicate this microorganism What are other causes or other risk factors? Others are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS) medications such as Naproxen such as diclofenac,ibuprofen and many more like that other things are Genetics Research has shown that if one of your family members has peptic ulcer diease, you are at high risk of also having Peptic ulcer disease Also, another risk factor is Smoking or alcohol abuse Alcohol abuse limit or decrease the rate at which the ulcer is being healed so, it slows down the healing process and other is psychological stress and sometimes, it 's been seen in tumor called Gastrinoma Now, let's talk about the symptoms of peptic ulcer disease What are the symptoms of peptic ulcer disease? Or stomach ulcer? When there is pain, which is called burning pain epigastric pain pain in your epigastric region or in your stomach wall and that caused Hunger pain You see a lot of people will tell you they feel the pain more when they have just eaten and that is typical for gastric ulcer pain or stomach ulcer yours may be when you have eaten for after some hours and that is duodenal ulcer when this pain is always there that you have to eat for you to get better and when you eat the pains disappear is more of duodenal ulcer the symptoms are similar and that is why they are grouped as peptic ulcer disease together What about for Heartburn? Heartburn on its own is a symptom It is a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease When you have reflux of your food your acidic contents from your stomach into the eosphagus it can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease Heartburn is also a symptom of peptic ulcer disease for people who have gastroesophageal reflux disease they also have other symptoms like metallic taste in their mouths and also they feel sorethroat or hoarseness of their voice sometimes they have chronic cough Are there ways you can diagnose this? Yes when you have these symptoms Please go to the hospital visit your primary care physician you will be tested, you will be asked questions and examined properly and then we will be able to know what type of ulcer you are having and be given appropriate medications What are the treatments for it? Usually there are over the counter medications you can take, like antacids that help your pain but remember, prevention is better than cure and that is why you have to prevent and do some of your own lifestyle modifications such as reducing your weight, if you are on overweight size reduce your smoking habits or stop smoking and if possible for you, limit your alcohol use and do not lie down immediately after eating and try to avoid as much as possible eating heavy meal before going to bed And also avoid food that can trigger heartburn If possible for you, stop the NSAIDS medications What are the complications of peptic ulcer disease? It can cause perforation it can lead to bleeding and that is why sometimes, your stool can become dark in color and it can cause obstruction so, I hope you understand today, the topic I have discussed if you have any question or comment concerning this topic please link down below and i will be very glad to answer your question Bye


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