How To Treat Acid Reflux Fast : Heartburn Remedy – VitaLife Show Episode 272

Welcome to the vitalife show I'm Doctor Janine Bowring and today we're talking about how to cure acid reflux fast Now acid reflux can be caused by either having too much or too little stomach acid and one of the best treatments is actually apple cider vinegar

So you can do this to actually increase because actually most people have less stomach acid than what they actually should to help to digest their food, so by taking the apple cider vinegar not only does it help to supply minerals helps to balance your acid alkaline balance but it's helping with that acid for that acid reflux, so just a tablespoon a day I actually like to take it after a meal I know some people say to take it on an empty stomach I preferred after a meal in some warm water just a tablespoon and I mix that in sometimes I'll use a little bit of honey just to help to sweeten it up a little bit because it's an acquired taste apple cider vinegar doesn't taste like you know the sweetest wine out there but it is an acquired taste and this is fantastic to help you with that acid reflux The other thing is don't eat too late in the day and don't eat heavy heavy foods just before bed because certainly when you lie down when all the muscles are relaxing then this is a time that you can experience more of that acid reflux So also taking enough probiotics is important, probiotics are the good guys that are supposed to be in your digestive tract helping to maintain that healthy flora is really important so that's something that you can take every day, and on the mind-body connection sphere we always like to look at you know why are you developing conditions in the first place Well there is a mind-body connection, so I'm not going to ask you what is it that you can't stomach, there's something in your life maybe that you can't stomach and that could be giving you that acid reflux so just think about that So please leave your questions and comments below, be sure to subscribe to this channel so you always get our newest and latest uploads here on the vitalife show

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