How to prevent acid reflux symptoms in babies

Jace was born about five weeks ago, He's fussy, gassy, silent reflux, it's actually considered to be worse and more painful because they never actually release the acids and they keep swallowing it down so it's double the pain He's in an elevated crib and even then he complaints I change his diaper elevated I mean elevation is really is really the key no long periods of sleep, he feels very uncomfortable all the time Burps that I've never heard in my life

Makes a lot of noise Even if not just like snoring kind of like gurgling noise, it's like a lot of whining kind of noises In the middle of the night after feeding him, he cries a lot he wakes up He normally makes so much noise That is hard to even sleep next to him

Let me tell you this has come to a stop! Today I would like to introduce you to Bare Air-free Baby Bottles I really think it's going to help I want to show you how to work with Bare, how to assemble it properly how to feed your baby with Bare You're so happy! you smiled twice! right now he's sleeping which I've never actually experienced after feeding him normally after I feed him, he does a lot of back arching Only I would really say this, but his face just look so peaceful he's just very quiet, Wow, can a bottle really do all that? He's actually quiet But he's quiet! Yeah I'm actually quite shocked that he's sleeping so much right now

So normally after he eats, even if he does close his eyes after a feeding, He turns really red and he looks like he's pushing a lot you can tell he's trying to get out gas or something something isn't right or there's some sort of discomfort I cannot believe this, flat and sleeping I mean he's never really quiet like this Oh my God – Am I going to sleep again? that's really good He looks so happy It's just crazy 'cause they lead us to believe it's the baby They say: Oh you have a gassy baby, not Oh you have the wrong bottle!


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