How to Not Undo All Your Hard Work This Christmas

And just like that, Christmas is here again!

I absolutely love this time of year . . . there’s just something in the air that makes everyone seem happier and more relaxed as they wind down for some hard earned rest, rejuvenation and most-importantly, time and celebration with family and friends. The thing about Christmas is that it often means our routines can fall slightly out of sync as well, which is fine because that’s what can make holidays special, But how do we combine holiday fun without falling off the health and fitness bandwagon altogether? Now, that is when “Active Living” kicks in.

I often get asked how I stay fit and healthy through the festive season, and it’s not actually as hard as you would think . . . Here are my top tips for surviving the holiday’s without missing out on all the fun.

In December, the office is swarming with all sorts of sugary treats, and while I’m all for a bit of guilt-free indulgence every now and then, I make sure I save it for foods I truly love (like my mum’s trifle or my famous chocolate bark – seconds please!). So before you reach for that second fruit mince pie, just ask yourself, do you really want it or are you just eating it because you’ve spent the last half an hour eyeing it off in the lunch room?

If a late night forced you to snooze right through your morning spin class, it doesn’t mean you have to veto your daily workout altogether – don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to the best of us. Be flexible with your routine and still try to move your body in some way, even if it’s a 20-minute home workout (try my quick cardio blast workout) or a quick post-dinner power walk. You’ll feel much better once it’s done.

Remember the whole purpose of a holiday is to rest and recharge your batteries, which at this time of the year are probably running on close to empty. A lack of sleep affects so many things from your appetite and digestion right through to your mood and stress levels, so I always aim for at least eight hours every night (and a few more when I can indulge in a sneaky holiday sleep-in).

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim


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