How to Eliminate Digestive Disorders Naturally

Hello this is Dr Daniel Farkas at Back to Health Natural Solutions and I want to talk to you today about digestive disorders

Common digestive disorders would be acid reflux: burning in the throat during the day or at night especially after eating or what they call GERD, which stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease Also irritable bowel syndrome which means alternating constipation and diarrhea Crohn's disease which is serious inflammation of the gut of the bowel, food sensitivities and food allergies as well as flat-out inflammation Now do you feel like that there is a storm brewing in your gut, that things are welling up inside you that your body is actively attacking itself, that things are getting immune to your digestive system that don't belong there and they're causing problems Well some possible causes of this would be number one acid insufficiency

Please understand that the stomach and the pancreas have to secrete digestive enzymes to break your food down properly You know in addition your gallbladder also needs to secrete sufficient amounts of bile to break down your fat If these things are not broken down properly they can create a large problem later on down the line especially in the small intestine Other causes of digestive issues are infections not even complete full-blown infections but more mild or subtle infections or overgrowth of even normal healthy bacteria and yeast You know and with that we can also have imbalanced bacteria and yeast in the gut

Please understand that the gut, the small intestine where the 'true absorption takes place into your bloodstream that contains trillions and trillions of bacteria and yeast that need to be in a very healthy balance in order for you to feel normal and function well Also if you're eating food that you're sensitive to or allergic to these things are seen as foreign invaders that cause an overreaction of the immune system and can actually cause the body to attack itself making it so that the digestive system becomes seriously can permanently disrupted intervention is made I'm also inflammation too now please understand inflammation is a big picture here inflammation is the body attacking foreign invaders that unfortunately can result in normal healthy body tissues being compromised and digestive health being turned upside down So all these things can be confusing makes you wonder where do you look for solutions? Where can things be found that can reveal what the true causes of these problems are? Typical medical testing reveals what drug to put you on such as a steroid to suppress the immune system, things to decrease the body's functions and decrease stomach acid, antibiotics to decrease infection and things like that but they typically don't bring the body back into balance Gratefully there are specialty tests that are available that you might not find in your in your ordinary health care providers office These tests can reveal the insufficiencies of the pancreas, the stomach the bile, they can also find hidden infections or low-level infections that might not be be detected on the average test

They can also identify the reality of the bacteria and the yeast content of the gut Specialty allergy tests can also determine what foods you're sensitive or allergic to that could be turned in your digestive world upside down and these tests can also definitely confirm inflammation so easy journey through the process of trying to get your digestive health back in control just be sure to identify exactly what is causing your problem and not just treat the symptom also look to avoid unnecessary medications and procedures and definitely get your body back to health I'm glad that you took a second to hear what we have to say about getting your health back and in balance Questions? Call (248) 979-7340


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