How to Cure Heartburn & Acid Reflux Immediately

So maybe you've had a heavy meal and now you're looking for how to cure heartburn fast Well I'm going to be going into that, coming up! Hi guys, Anne, Think Natural Health

We do wellness product reviews and natural remedies Consider subscribing and hit the bell, but for today lets just get into our heartburn remedy video at any point in this video check out the description box below, I'm going to link to all the products that I use as well as some more information and hey, watch right to the very end where I'm going to be sharing with you my super tip, on how to keep heartburn away forever Lets get started The general idea of heartburn is that it’s because of your diet, weight or lack of exercise

I agreed with this until very recently when I was struck with a a serious case of heartburn, or acid reflux as you might know it I did some research recently which actually showed that it's the opposite of what you think it might be and instead of being too much acid in your stomach, it’s a sign that your stomach is too alkaline and it doesn't have enough acid to breakdown the food you’re eating That means when you’ve been taking antacids to lower stomach acid, you’ve probably only been making the situation worse I’ve got more information on why that is, down in the description box below so definitely check that out So, first thing to do to cure your heartburn is make your stomach more acidic

The easiest, most convenient way to do this is to take 2 capsules of apple cider vinegar before every meal I know that sounds a lot, you're going to be taking 6 a day but it ensures that your stomach is acidic even before your food hits it That is ultimately going to allow for better digestion and better breakdown of your vitamins and minerals from your food Again, taking antacids is lowering your ability to properly absorb your nutrient in your food I’ve been doing this every day since I found out about this and I have just destroyed my heartburn

I mean bring me the spiciest curry and I can nap like a baby afterwards I have got no problem with that anymore As well as that these tablets help with digestion because I've managed to get rid of my bloat I mean I would eat a meal and then like 2 minutes afterwards boom I would look like I'm pregnant, I would be so bloated and that's after every meal and I have just not had that since I have been taking these capsules I also feel like it might have helped me lose some weight but not sure if that’s an actual side effect or if I’m just really pleased with myself but I'm not complaining

My super tip to get rid of heartburn forever is to team your apple cider vinegar tablets up with some organic lemon juice Get a big bottle of water and put 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice in there and just sip this throughout the day and it’ll help to maintain your PH level in your stomach The other thing that could be causing your heartburn is because your liver isn’t creating enough bile to breakdown your food Now if this is happening you can team up your apple cider vinegar and lemon concoction up with there These are liver detox tablets that will just make sure your liver is working properly to be able to product that essential bodily fluid bile

I’ve got a playlist that goes into more detail about this and you can find it on the card above, now Guys I know this information is going to be new to a lot of you but as this has worked for me, I’m so super confident this will work for you too I’ve included product links to everything I've spoke about in this video down in the description box below as well as more information so don't forget to check that out Thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time Bye!


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