How To Cure Acid Reflux Fast and Naturally (How To Treat GERD)

Natural remedies for acid reflux Acid reflux is described as heartburn around the lower chest region when acid from stomach moves into the esophagus, a tube which connects the throat to the stomach The pain tends to get worse when you bend over and lie down and severe acid reflux is mentioned to as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

The symptoms which rise with heartburn are a dry cough, chest pain, nausea, sour mouth taste and sore throat Heartburn leads to esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus when it left untreated Cause of acid reflux The main cause of acid reflux or heartburn is still not known but some factors raise this problem such as genetics, obesity, certain foods, pregnancy, smoking, stomach abnormalities, certain medication and malfunctioning of the lower esophageal sphincter muscles Chronic or severe and frequent strikes of heartburn or acid reflux need medical treatment but for minor symptoms, natural home remedies give you instant relief If you experience this problem more than two times per week, then consult your physician

Number 1 Take a Digestive Enzyme Supplement Raw food has plenty of enzymes which are beneficial for health but when we cook the food over 116° F, health-promoting enzymes destroy The Raw foods are important to fight acid reflux because they have high enzyme levels and nutrient values The recommended digestive enzyme supplement is VeganZyme which is good for acid reflux Number 2 Fennel Fennel can improve digestion and destroy the stomach spasms It has anethole compound that has anti-inflammatory effects and helps unruffled spasms in the gastrointestinal area

Take half tablespoon of fennel seeds and chew them after every meal Instead, boil 1 tsp of fennel seeds in one cup of water Let it steep for 15 minutes and then drink it after straining Take this drink thrice a day for a few days

Number 3 Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Vera helps appease inflammation in the esophagus and stomach due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties It brings relief from the effect of heartburn/acid reflux Drink ¼ cup of aloe vera juice about 20 minutes earlier to having every meal But always remember; don’t take aloe vera gel in excess due to its laxative effect Number 4 Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is highly beneficial for acid reflux or heartburn because it helps in digestion and balances the stomach acid production

Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar and mix in one cup of lukewarm water Take this drink 30 minutes prior to eating every meal Take this drink for a few months for better results Whenever you have heartburn bouts, drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water Number 5 Chewing Gum According to medical research, Chewing gum can help to lessen the symptoms of acid reflux when you chew sugar-free gum piece for around ½ hour after a meal

The reason is that it excites production of saliva which sequentially washes out the acid stored in the gut Saliva is alkaline in nature which helps to neutralize the acids in the stomach So, chew a piece of sugar-free chewing gum after every meal to ease your heartburn You can take cinnamon gum but avoid mint-flavored chewing gums The reason is that mint eases the lower esophageal sphincter, which participates in the reflux of the acids in the stomach into the food pipe

Which foods to avoid There are a lot of certain foods that trigger the risk of acid reflux With acid reflux symptoms, you should try to avoid the following trigger foods that can lead to severe heartburn strikes Citrus fruit juices Tomato sauce and other tomato products Fried foods Soda Alcohol Garlic Chocolate High-fat foods like greasy foods & fast food products Onions Caffeine Mint By limiting these certain triggers overall, you may have less acid reflux symptoms Keep food diary which helps you to identify your problem foods


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