GERD & Acid Reflux: TIF Treatment Procedure

[Soft music] – GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease And it's caused by a loss of the tone in the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus, or the swallowing tube that goes into the stomach

It makes it from a one-way valve going to the stomach to a two-way valve where it can reflect back up into the esophagus And cause any number of symptoms including, pulmonary symptoms ear, nose and throat symptoms And loss of dental dental continuity as well You might actually know you have reflux if you have symptoms of a burning sensation in your chest And you're swallowing tube, inability to eat certain foods without having symptoms

Waking up at night with a sour taste in your mouth, or even a burning taste in your swallowing, or breathing tubes And those are the the principal symptoms There are others but those are the ones that most people experience The treatments are a medical and surgical and of course nothing And which a lot of people do and there are people who use holistic treatments

Where they'll take it upon themselves to lose weight and eat right And they can control their Girt that way that doesn't seem to be the general way people do it And most people take a proton pump inhibitor, or PPI Which decreases the amount of hydrogen ions being made by the stomach wall and increases the pH of the stomach But it doesn't reduce the reflux, it just reduces the acidity of the stomach

We basically rebuild the valve between the esophagus and the stomach which is anatomically been lost over time in patients with dirt And by rebuilding that valve we make it back into a one-way valve from the two-way valve that it had become there are small fasteners that are millimeters wide And they go between the esophagus to the stomach to rebuild the valve And those eight to 14 fasteners will stay in the body but the body will wall them off and basically ignore them, their inner products You can't stop taking the PPIs and not have symptoms after you've had the TIF procedure, or the TIF you can stop your PPIs 79% of the time and not have symptoms

With a Nissen fundoplication It's a 360 degree wrap of the stomach around itself, and the esophagus which is an extremely difficult procedure to read it to repair, or reduce, or reverse And with the TIF this is not even a consideration because you haven't burned a bridge with the TIF If it fails, there's nothing that bad that's going to happen to your reflux will return But failure of a Nissen can cause significant complications

There are those doing the TIF procedure that are working on perfecting that And some have done that and it is possible to perform a TIF on someone who has had a previous mission that has failed Current recommendations are to keep the patient's overnight they will be on a liquid diet, mostly clear liquids But some juices that aren't clear for of seven to 10 days and then for a further two to three weeks on soft foods, depending on how their swallowing comes back but generally two weeks is adequate The majority of patients after the TIF have been experiencing a complete relief of their symptoms

About 80 percent no longer have to take PPIs and are very able to lie flat, sleep flat, sleep through the night without symptoms and without having to wake up – [Woman] For more information about this physician, or to schedule an appointment Please call our referral line, or visit not bigger just better health calmcom


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