General Medical Information : Common Symptoms of GERD Heartburn

Hi, I'm doctor Savage I'm here to describe common symptoms of GERD commonly known as heartburn, GERD stands for Gastroesophageal reflux disease

And this is a situation which the acids from your stomach go through, go backwards through the what's called the cardiac sphincter which closes off, normally closes off the space between the esophagus, which is the little tube that goes from your throat into your stomach where all the food and water that you drink goes And acid from the stomach refluxes up, goes backwards into the esophagus and causes inflammation and certain symptoms secondarily Commonly you'll have like a burning sensation in the chest not be confused with the pressure or other things you know that you'd be concerned with heart disease With that said, any questions of chest pain call 911, go to the ER, talk to your health care provider This also something that commonly happens is the acid will actually get up into your throat, will cause a dry cough that you can't explain, will cause hoarseness that comes and goes, you'll find that this type of thing is better with antacids, with drinking water, sitting upright

With that said, any of these symptoms, this is something you consider talking to your primary care provider about I'm confident that this has been informative I'm doctor Savage, here's to your health


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