Foods to eat in Pokhara – Best places for Momo | Nepali Cuisine

[Station-The Food Club, Niva Galli-Chipledhunga] Is it tasty? Momo here is juicy insideyou can feel the juices running in your mouth Which city has more delicious momo- Kathmandu or here? Every place has their own taste and speciality The taste of achaar is very uniquewith balance of sweet, spicy flavors Is this the best one for momo? We don't go to other places for momo You don't go to other places? – you find the momo here so good

We are here looking for best places for momo and writing a blog [Samrat Restaurant, Chipledhunga] Is the popular one here a mutton momo? Can we get one mutton momo? [ don't find it that good as expected and told] [Sherpa Kitchen, Pahari Marga-Lakeside] Mount Kailash Tibetan Restaurant, Tibetan camp- Chhorepatan Can we get some achaar? Tomato chutney with dhaniya Please put in both plates This one is chicken momo It's very tasty tasty This place has damn good momo and chowmein Everyone comes here and my college friends come here too This place has good momo and service is good too Do you make your own chowmein here? Yes It's very tasty [Thakali Bhanchaa/Crossroads, Chipledhunga and Lakeside]


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