Foods to Avoid Eating In the Morning – Tamil health tips

Foods to Avoid Eating In the Morning – Tamil health tips In today's busy world people forget about breakfast or take whatever they get Some foods cannot be taken in the morning which we think as healthy

In this video let us see what are such foods Most of us drink coffee in the morning but we should not take it in an empty stomach It will create health problem and so try to avoid it if you can't stop completely We should take cucumber in empty stomach as it may cause stomach pain, heart burn etc, We should not take banana in empty stomach as it increases the magnesium level in the blood and affects heart health

We should not take sweets in the morning as it increases the insulin level, gives more work to Pancreas and may cause diabetes We should not take tomato in empty stomach as the acid present in it causes acidity problem Lactic acid present in curd is good for health but it should not be taken in an empty stomach This bacteria affects the hydrochloric acid secretion Avoid taking spicy foods in the morning as it is hard to digest and creates heartburn

You can take egg, oats, brown bread, honey , almond and nut etc in the morning which is healthy, easy to digest and keeps your fresh


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