She got me like Hey guys this is my very first video and we're going to be talking about No, not cucumber food

food food

food I'm sorry cucumber was all I had Seriously, I ate, like, half the cucumber And, here's what you can look forward to I'm going to be using my best friend Yelp to find the tastiest foods, restaurants, and/or places around town based on top rated food topics with the most Yelp reviews

Now, let's be real, I'm not gonna be eating like this all the time this is just on my cheat My cheat day is a day I'm gonna be posting videos so just once a week I'm going to be trying different types of foods, things that I'm just really craving Boom! And, sometimes I'll be even doing a food challenge Maybe Boom! Yeah, I'm mostly on the diet Keto Diet Carbs! I was bought up on a lot of carbs, so, to ever have that, when you just wanna frekin' doughnut

or you just wanna frekin' bowl of rice I'm gonna have a bowl of rice! Tell me what your vice is Ooh, I would like to know that

(Evil laugh) I think I love food a little bit too much Cucumber! Cucumber Cucumber I love you cucumber Oh God, I'm sorry

That was a really good cucumber You know, so I was pregnant and I was, like, super sick The first three months you're gonna be really sick And, I couldn't really eat anything, I didn't really crave anything However, for some sick odd reason, I would watch this awesome show called Let's Eat, like a Korean drama And, they would have like these clips of peo

of people like just eating and I would get happy just watching them and I almost lived vicariously through them because I wanted to eat so badly, but I just I was really sick so just watching them kind of just was fun for me, and I just realized

What a sick person I am The fact that I was so sick, and yet it just gave me just pleasure watching these people eat "Yes! Yes! I'll have what she's having Yeah, just a little strange

And, that's why I'm doing this channel because there are people like me, who are just kind of quirky Just having a good time! Quirky is okay Give me something quirkiness about you that you know you're just kind of shy of letting other people know about or whatever, but I love it I think it's great I think everyone should own it 'Cause you gotta own it, like

Rrrr! Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed this little short clip of me and all my craziness, or just a little bit of my craziness And, to keep watching please click the subscribe button and there's a little tiny button Just Just press it because then you can be like, Oooh! She's made a video

I'm gonna get better on this So many emotions


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