End Heartburn in 15 Days

End Heartburn in 15 Days Heartburn is a burning sensation that can be felt in the stomach or the throat, and is caused by an excess of stomach acids People who suffer from it know that a lot of factors, such as diet, stress, or the way they eat, are essential to fighting it, but a lot of times it’s hard to get rid of it for good

In today’s article we want to share an intensive 15-day plan to end heartburn and improve your digestive health – and also, your quality of life What foods cause heartburn? The 15-day plan we’ll propose may be hard for you to believe, because it seems like so little time to see good results The first step that you should follow is to completely eliminate all the foods that could be causing excess stomach acids: Sugar and sugary foods

Refined flour Refined or table salt Milk and dairy products Red meat and processed meats Fried foods and hydrogenated fats in general

Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and canned juices Coffee, chocolate, and sodas Other things to avoid In addition to the food you eat, you need to also be aware of other factors that trigger it: Tobacco use

Stress Certain medications Drinking too little water Eating quickly without chewing Eating too much or not fully digesting your previous meal

Mixing many different foods or having fruit with your meals During these 15 days, therefore, you need to avoid these factors as much as possible After this plan, however, you should continue to restrict them if you don’t want to go back to suffering from the same heartburn as before Alkaline remedies The goal of this 15-day plan is to neutralize your heartburn naturally, without using medications that can alter the pH of your stomach acids

To do this, choose treatments that have alkaline properties: Lemon: Lemon is excellent for neutralizing stomach acids, in spite of the fact that it’s an acidic fruit White clay: This is a natural antacid that’s for sale at herbalists and natural food stores Raw potato juice with olive oil: An ancient treatment to fight heartburn and treat stomach ulcers Green vegetables: These are great for neutralizing acidity

Stevia: A natural sweetener that’s also alkaline Raw almonds: This nut helps lower your body’s acidity levels Avocado: A fruit with amazing properties and nutritional value, also very alkaline Green tea: An anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, and alkalizing beverage Sea salt or Himalayan salt: Pure and unrefined salts, consumed in small amounts, can regulate your body’s pH

What’s the plan? During the 15 days you’ll follow this plan: On an empty stomach Drink the juice from a medium, raw potato mixed with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (15 ml) Breakfast

Twenty minutes later, prepare a green smoothie for breakfast This can include apple, pear, green leafy vegetables (spinach, watercress, arugula, celery, etc), half an avocado, and a handful of almonds If you still feel hungry you can eat some toast or a sandwich made with wholegrain bread, like spelt wheat with some turkey sausage or tahini (sesame cream) Mid-morning

Drink a cup of green tea with the juice from half a lemon and a little stevia to sweeten Lunch Your first course should always be a green salad or a homemade gazpacho The second course can be poultry, white fish, eggs, or vegetables If you opt for dessert choose an apple or a pear

Mid-afternoon Have another cup of green tea with the juice from half a lemon and a little stevia to sweeten If you’re hungry you can enjoy an apple, a pear, some dried figs, almonds, coconut, plums, pineapple, or papaya Dinner This should be steamed, sautéed, or creamed vegetables (eggplant, broccoli, asparagus, etc

) and a serving of protein (peas, lentils, egg, white fish, mushrooms, almonds…) Before bedtime Prepare a cup of water with white clay to drink Follow the directions on the product you choose Mix it well with a metal or plastic spoon and let it stand for 10 minutes

Drink, avoiding any sediment, especially if you have high blood pressure or constipation


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