Channel Your Inner Surfer Girl With These 11 Adorable Rash Guards

With warm weather fast approaching, it feels like everyone wants to be at the beach all the time. Whether you’re pulling out your surfboard for the season or just looking for a little more coverage by the water, you’re going to want a rash guard. The style is practical, sure, but it’s also downright adorable. You don’t even have to be active to want to wear one; my idea of a perfect beach day consists of reading my book, drinking a glass of Rosé, and maybe going for a quick swim, but I still want to wear one of these.

These pieces have evolved into style statements in their own right over recent years, and we love how many different swimwear options there are for women today. If you’d prefer to be slightly less exposed, or are busy being your strong, athletic self, you don’t have to compromise style any more. Just keep reading to shop our picks and enjoy the Summer!


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