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What are the Pros and Cons of Acid Reflux Surgery? Among the list of big benefits of acid reflux medical procedures is it is incredibly efficient in nearly all instances It is also quite simple and would not have to have added treatment method to the affected person However, it […]

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Orange Burps is an all-natural supplement that targets heartburn and acid reflux It provides digestive support without shutting down your body's natural ability to produce stomach acid Orange Burps is made from orange peels, and is clinically proven to be safe and beneficial Most users report improved symptoms after just […]

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5 Foods You Should Not Eat If You Have Heartburn and Acid Reflux A heartburn in the chest, an unpleasant bitter taste in the throat, swelling in the stomach – all these signs are related to acid reflux Many people suffer from acid reflux, which occurs when the lower esophageal […]

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Hello my friends, i hope you are feeling great Welcome to a new video Gastritis and acid reflux, are diseases that regularly occur together, primarily gastritis, is an inflammatory process that develops in the mucosa that covers our stomach, and for its part the acid reflux, is the burning sensation, […]

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Stomach cancer warning: Taking long-term acid reflux medication could DOUBLE your risk is fairly common in the UK, with around 7,000 people diagnosed each year and it is the third leading cause of cancer death in the world According to Cancer Research UK, risk factors include smoking, alcohol, poor diet […]

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Natural remedies for acid reflux Acid reflux is described as heartburn around the lower chest region when acid from stomach moves into the esophagus, a tube which connects the throat to the stomach The pain tends to get worse when you bend over and lie down and severe acid reflux […]

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