Brownie Lovers, These 10 Low-Carb Options Are Practically a Dream Come True

The phrases “low-carb” and “sweets” don’t typically belong in the same sentence, but thankfully, that’s about to change because low-carb brownies exist! To us, it doesn’t get much more indulgent than a soft, chocolate brownie, but we also have a soft spot for blondies. When it comes to dessert, for us, pretty much anything goes. When we’re trying to eat low-carb, though, brownies are an obvious elimination. Or are they?

These 10 low-carb brownies all have less than 10 grams of net carbs per serving, which makes them fit in perfectly with our eating plan. How sweet is that? Whether you want to spend the day baking or just want to grab one and go, you’re going to love these picks. We found fudgy brownies, cakey brownies, and even a blondie! Your sweet tooth wasn’t ready for these low-carb sweets.


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