Bianca Cheah Posts About Loving Her Postpartum Body and Why You Should Too

Wellness influencer and new Mumma, Bianca Cheah took to Instagram to share her postpartum journey with her followers. Sharing a side-by-side pic of her body one week, and four and a half months postpartum, Cheah admits to struggling with constant thoughts of comparison.

“There are some days I look in the mirror and wonder why my body hasn’t bounced back quickly as my friends have. I’ll admit, I compared myself to others and their post-pregnancy weight loss and expected my body to get back to where it was. But, (like for a lot of women) breastfeeding didn’t make my baby weight drop off like everyone said it would either.”

She goes on to talk about how, like everything in life, everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s on their own clock. Encouraging new mums to love their bodies, because they’re strong, powerful and brought life into this world.

“The bottom line is that every woman’s postpartum journey is different. There are so many separate factors that go into continuing to give your child life. Don’t put expectations on yourself and your body. Be the mother your child needs. I guarantee you that your baby thinks you’re the most incredible, beautiful human being in the world. Maybe my postpartum belly hasn’t bounced back yet. Maybe it won’t for another six months, maybe it never will.”

Cheah’s honesty was met by praise from her followers who commended her for being so real and refreshing on Instagram.


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