Bedford NS Chiropractic Acid Reflux Child Testimonial Jennifer

Before we came to Roach Chiropractic, life for Graeme was uncomfortable He had acid reflux and he was only a month old we were looking at having to put him on medication for his reflux and he was sleeping well, he wasn't nursing well and he was just uncomfortable

At birth, he displayed some signs of hip dysplasia because of his at breech presentation and they were referring us to the orthopedic clinic at the IWK, to monitor his hip dysplasia and to see how he progressed My first visit to Roach Chiropractic was actually just as an observer while my husband was here being adjusted and I had my son with me and it was my first view of a chiropractic adjustment and as soon as we walked into the waiting room we were greeted by the staff at the front desk with nice bright smiles and they were friendly, they greeted my husband by name and every visit after that my son and I were greeted by name and every staff member has greeted us by name since we've come here, they've all made an effort to speak to us when we are here, even in the waiting room Life for Graeme right now is wonderful, his acid reflux has disappeared he's sleeping much better at night, he doesn't have the same issues, he doesn't have the same issues with his hips he is much more comfortable, he's much more mobile, there's no pain or discomfort for him when he's pulling himself up or when he's trying to walk So life for Graeme after chiropractic is much better Right now, he is not taking medications for his acid reflux he was on medications for about six weeks and after we came to Roach Chiropractic, we stopped using medications

If you're on the fence, I would tell other parents to come and try it The way I look at chiropractic now is that it treats the underlying cause where as, the medication that we had been giving her son was only masking his symptoms and after bring him to Roach Chiropractic, we treated the underlying cause of my son's issues


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