An Open and Honest Discussion on Healthy Living Between 2 Aussie Influencers

Before this interview, if anyone had told us that a pair of sneakers could be the key to living well, we’d have called bullsh*t. But after experiencing it for ourselves and debriefing on the topic with Aussie influencers, Bambi Northwood Blyth and Kristy Cross — two women who take healthy living pretty seriously — our opinion has shifted. Our eyes have been opened to the opportunity for wellness that a pair of sneakers really can create.

Constantly on the go, these women manage to maintain the fine balance between health, wellness and work, without claiming to know it all. But as far as we’re concerned they are living proof that wellness is indeed a lifestyle, not a temporary condition.

So, we asked all the big questions and got them to spill their secrets (apparently we need to go on a guided run immediately) to discover how they carve out time for self-care, why sweating is good for the soul and what lessons they learnt from training for the Nike Go LA 10K.

Keep reading for an open and honest conversation about healthy living that will leave you wanting to lace up your sneakers and go.


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