Acid Reflux Is Not What You Think It Is

– Hey guys, I appreciate you tuning in for this lunch version, lunch episode, of Good Gut Health with Jared I'm Jared Toay, Jared's Probiotics, Jared's ProPops, I appreciate you tuning in

If you don't have time to watch this, you can click the upper right hand corner and save file and watch it later, but if you're watching this at a later time on YouTube or anywhere else, I appreciate you tuning in Today I'm gonna be talking about really, kind of something that I see a lot of people having and that's heartburn and indigestion And how does that relate to better digestive health? Very important and again, I'm sure that many of you guys have had heartburn before There's probably, I think I read somewhere, about 60 million or so people have heartburn at least once a month About 25 million or so have it daily, and that's a pretty big deal

And again, if you've ever had heartburn, it's horrible because what happens is you feel that constant burning sensation in your digestive system, your tract, your stomach, et cetera, but what most people think is that having heartburn is the result of having too much stomach acid And I'm here to tell you actually that it's the completely the opposite In most instances, 95% of the instances, it's actually because people don't produce enough stomach acid, that's why you have heartburn And so what happens is that most of the people that take heartburn medication, which actually, it's about tens of billions of dollars every single year that the pharmaceutical companies, you know, pitch out to you and there's actually even more because over-the-counter medications that you can find, you know, the antacid medicines, you can buy those anywhere, but having constantly that state of heartburn and indigestion actually, if you think about it, just constant irritation on your digestive tract and your esophagus and if you think about it, just constantly burning, I mean, people don't realize the amount of stomach acid, or actually how toxic stomach acid can be and if you have that constantly irritated on your esophagus or you know, places where it's not supposed to be, it can cause a significant amount of irritation and digestive issues and its really just this perpetual notion of having heartburn medications, or you take an over-the-counter medications, actually cause more problems than solving the problems because taking antacids actually are curing the symptoms not the problem Now, let me explain

So, if you have heartburn, generally what happens is that people take the heartburn, you know, the antacids and you feel that relief If you look at it, it's basically just calcium and what it's doing is absorbing that acid You're gonna get some sort of relief, but what you're actually doing is that you're telling your body to do something that it's not meant, excuse me, that it's not naturally meant to do, which is stop production of acids You produce stomach acid because you have to digest foods and get nutrients from those foods, so by taking antacids, basically, you're, what I like to call, is turning down the valve on a faucet, basically just tightening it, tightening it, tightening it and if you constantly do that, over the course of time basically, it's just gonna not be able to be produced at all Just like if you tighten up the cold or the hot water faucet

If you keep on doing that, eventually it's not going to tighten any more and you back, actually can't even get it off, so when you take antacid medications, or over-the-counter medications, you actually are telling your body not to do something that it's naturally meant to do Now people say, "well Jared, again, it still "doesn't make any sense, you know, "how come I get a little bit of relief?" Again, you're solving the symptoms, not the problem and you know, what happens is that heartburn and indigestion and stomach acid production actually decreases as we age, I mean if it was, if heartburn and acid reflux were caused by too much stomach acid, you'd see a bunch of teenagers popping antacid pills, but what happens, who do you see actually taking that are the older people, people as you age, you take more and more and then what happens is you take one antacid, then you take two, then you take three and eventually, as I said, you're tightening that up til you can't produce any more stomach acid and then you're gonna have a significant amount of problems associated with that Now, how can you solve the problems? First of all, it's, you know, to eliminate those foods that you are eating that cause the indigestion Most people don't even know that, but generally in most instances you have a bad bacterial overgrowth in your stomach or in your intestine and that causes a significant amount of, you know, irritation So the way that you can do that, of course, is by taking probiotics to off-set that balance of bacterial overgrowth

That's the first thing that you can do The second thing, as I said, is that try to find out the foods associated with a poor digestion Eliminate those from your diet, but again, most of the acid refluxes are caused by a bacterial growth of processed sugars and carbs that you have in your stomach So hopefully this was beneficial If you have any questions about this, you know, comment below or send me a message, but again, this is something that probably you aren't gonna hear anywhere else, or maybe at a few other places, but how heartburn and indigestion are caused by low stomach acid, not too much stomach acid

If you liked it, click like below Go to Jared's ProPops over on Facebook, but I appreciate you guys tuning in Hopefully this was beneficial as you're eating your lunch, don't get indigestion Have a great day, peace


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