Acid Reflux | How to Cure Acid Reflux – VitaLife Show Episode 100

welcome to the Vitalife show I'm Doctor Janine Bowring a naturopathic doctor and today topic we're talking all about how to cure acid reflux and it's also called gerd a lot of people suffer with acid reflux and you may be surprised to know and what one of the thing that will be talk about today are a number the causative factors actually are coming from the pharmaceutical drug that you may be taking First and foremost when it comes to acid reflux I always do suggest that you are taking a good quality strong probiotic now not are probiotics are created equal probiotics are essentially the good friendly flora that we all have in our intestinal tract most of the probiotics on a marketer actually made from cow bacteria or soil organisms The best probiotics are made and designed for the human digestive tract and that's exactly what we have here at Vitatree are human microflora

What this means is that the human microflora work efficiently and effectively to not only help you with your acid reflux but also to make sure that your digesting and metabolizing your food properly so thats first and foremost Number two on my list would be coral calcium now coral calcium is the best type of calcium that you can take Here at Vitatree we've created Vitatree whole food calcium which is the fossilized coral calcium really easy to digest in a powder form and you just take one scoop a day and this can really help with those acid reflux symptoms the reason being is that it alkalinizing to your system what that means is that in a acid environment with acid reflux is too much acid in the stomach and esophagus this is what causes all the symptoms of the burning and the uncomfortable feeling especially after eating with the coral calcium because that alkaline formulation what happens is that it helps to decrease that acidity right on contact so I literally tell my patients to make up there glass water with their one scoop of the whole food calcium from Vitatree and you can actually be sipping this you know over an hour so especially when you know the time a day that you're acid reflex really bothers you and sip this and it is absolutely remarkable and what it can do and actually totally eliminate those symptoms of your acid reflex and number three on my list is the causative factors so if you're taking any of the following drugs this could be why you have heartburn or GERD in the first place and acid reflex, so first on the list is ibuprofen as well as aspirin so both of these either pain killers of course over-the-counter painkillers that do cause acid reflux so you have to ask yourself if you're taking you know these things whether it's for pain or inflammation and it causing you the side effects of acid reflex is it the really best way to go there of course more natural ways to treat pain and inflammation I encourage you if you do have a chronic pain issue take a look at our VitaJoint and Vitafish oil that combination which you can find at vitatreecom is that really the best and most natural way without any side effect to treat any type of pain and inflammation the other types of drugs that are notorious for causing acid reflux are the bone drug so helping with osteoporosis like Fosamax and actonel they are again notorious for causing acid reflux so of course you're taking one drug to help one symptom which is your osteoporosis yet it's causing your acid reflux and then most likely if you go to your doctor the doctor will prescribe the next drug to help with your acid reflux which in turn causes the next problem so again you really have to be mindful on what you're putting into your body and tried always do things that are the most natural way possible if this is your case then again our whole for calcium and vitamin d3 and magnesium is the best combination for helping with your bones if you're taking any type of relaxers so a sleeping pill whether it valium or diazepam this group of drugs also is very famous for causing acid reflux so if you have sleep issues find a natural alternative do things naturally check out our other episodes on our Vitatree YouTube channel about helping your sleep patterns because it can be really helpful for you an important again that you're doing it without side effects doing naturally iron supplements can also of course cause acid reflux so if you do need to take an iron supplement I usually recommend this taken earlier in the day and get one that is better better absorb they're not all created equal and iron supplements can be very difficult on a digestive tract to make sure that you get an iron supplement that easily absorbed and hopefully will not cause you these symptoms of acid reflex also antidepressant for antidepressant again are famous for causing acid reflux so if you are depressed or you have an anxiety disorder and you're taking something to calm down you nervous system it may be causing the acid reflux which in turn you go back to your doctor and you'll need another drug for the acid reflux and you can see sort of this chain of events domino effect that happens which in my opinion is totally avoidable always do you think the most natural way possible check out our other episodes here and be sure to subscribe to our channel here at Vitatree on Youtube because we're always updating and giving you the best natural health information again from my perspective is naturopathic doctor when i've seen over the past 15 years with working with my patients as to what works and what doesn't work again be sure to like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter at Vitatree remember that your health is in your hands you have the ability to live a healthy life Vitalife! And to be without those symptoms of acid reflux


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