8 Foods You Should NEVER Eat If You Have Joint Pain

Over the years with too much wear and tear, our joints begin to breakdown and we slowly lose the spongy protection for our bones called cartilage This loss of cartilage is known as arthritis and almost twenty percent of all adults in the U

S battle arthritis on a daily basis It’s a painful condition that lowers the quality of life and can make even the most simple of exercises a difficult chore Medication helps patients manage the pain, but it doesn’t make the problem go away One factor that few realize greatly impacts the severity of arthritis is our diet

Certain foods contribute to either the swelling or reduction of swelling in our joints So, if you suffer from the pain associated with swollen joints, stay away from these foods: Sugar One of the largest culprits of inflammation in our bodies is sugar It’s in just about all of our processed foods, and can be hidden under other names like fructose, sucrose, and corn syrup Drink water instead of fruit juices or sodas Opt for fruits and vegetables for snacks rather than junk food

Your joints will thank you later Salt This all too common mineral that we use to spice up the flavor of our food, throws the ratio of water in our bodies out of whack It makes us retain water, which in turn causes our joints to swell The less salt you consume, the better your body will feel over time Simple Carbs Simple carbohydrates that make up a ton of good tasting foods that we know as guilty pleasures often cause inflammation

White bread, doughnuts, crackers… Basically anything made out of enriched flour contributes to joint inflammation, including most breakfast cereals Instead of white potatoes, eat more sweet potatoes Cut down on breads and pastas to help your joints feel less tight and painful Dairy Dairy is one of the worst sources for inflammation in our bodies because it contains casein, a slow acting protein that has proven to cause inflammation Try almond milk rather than cow’s milk in order to reduce inflamed joints

Alcohol Drinking alcohol doesn’t just negatively affect your liver It can also trigger gout, a terribly painful inflammatory condition that can attack in less than twelve hours Beer, wine, and liquor leads to a swelling that can and should be avoided Gluten Some people have negative reactions to gluten, and others have a serious condition known as Celiac disease In these people, when gluten enters the bloodstream, the body reacts and tries to deal with its presence through inflammation

It’s best to avoid products with gluten if you suffer from bloating and headaches after eating foods containing gluten Fried Foods Research shows that fried foods have a toxin known as glycation end products or AGEs High levels of these toxins can produce oxidative stress and inflammation Reducing or removing fried foods from your body will also reduce these toxins and the subsequent inflammation that accompanies them Corn Oil Any oil that comes from seeds can cause inflammation, not just corn oil

It’s due to the presence of omega-6 fatty acids Olive oil is a better alternative if you want to reduce inflammation


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