8 Foods that Anyone with Colitis Needs to Avoid

8 Foods that Anyone with Colitis Needs to Avoid Colitis is a digestive disease that is caused by inflammation in your large intestine This is usually due to food poisoning or a parasitic infection

In fact, only a small number of cases are related to circulatory problems, inflammatory diseases, or radiation treatments Many tend to confuse it with common cases of diarrhea This is because this is one of its main symptoms However, in this case, its more severe Its almost always accompanied with bloating, abdominal pain, and fever

Also, unlike from other digestive problems, it usually appears over and over and for a longer time Because of this, its important to know more about this disease In addition, you should really know which foods can make your symptoms worse In this article, we want to share eight of the main problem foods This way, you can start to reduce the amount you eat starting today

Take a look at them! 1 Fried and fatty foods Fried foods and foods with high levels of fatty materials can make your symptoms of colitis worse This is because they make digestion more difficult They also increase your level of inflammation

Eating them increases your intestinal contractions They also increase your episodes of pain and diarrhea in those who suffer from this disease 2 Grains and whole seeds It has always been recommended that you eat fiber to improve your digestion However, colitis patients should avoid foods that come from grains and whole seeds

This is because it increases the production of gasses in their stomach As a result, this increases the appearance of bloating and pain 3 Coffee and tea Patients diagnosed with this disease should avoid drinks with caffeine as much as they can These include coffee and tea

This is because this substance increases the level of inflammation in your colon It also affects the process that is in charge of getting rid of waste If you keep drinking caffeinated beverages, it can cause worse irritation related to this disease Also, since it tends to build up in your body, it influences the processes that get rid of toxins 4

Milk and dairy products Whole milk and dairy products are the number one enemy of people who are fighting this digestive disease This isnt only because of its high-fat content Its also because of its lactose content Not everyone is lactose intolerant However, its best to reduce how much you eat as much as you can

This helps to prevent future colon complications 5 Sausages and cold cuts Sausages and cold cuts dont only have high levels of fat They also have sodium and artificial additives These increase your intestinal irritation

Eating them on a regular basis causes digestive problems Plus, it increases the presence of toxins in your colon If that wasnt enough, because of the ingredients these foods have, they also affect your tendency to be obese and have inflammatory diseases 6 Margarine Margarine and butter are foods that people with colitis should not have in their diet

These have too much trans-fat and hydrogenated oils After being absorbed by your body, these compounds make the inflammation in your intestine worse Also, they stimulate the production of chemicals that increase your irritation and pain 7 Refined flours Refined flours are an inflammatory food that can make symptoms worse for patients who suffer from intestinal problems

This kind of food has been put through several industrial processes In these processes, it loses a lot of its properties and nutrients As a result, its much harder to digest Plus, some people can develop allergic reactions to them The most troublesome thing is they are present in many foods that you eat on a regular basis

Because of this, its difficult to completely avoid them 8 Carbonated and alcoholic drinks Carbonated and alcoholic drinks are very irritating for people who suffer from colitis and digestive difficulties Their content of refined sugars, as well as carbon dioxide and colorants, increases your acidity and inflammation Also, these drinks’ ingredients are responsible for symptoms like gas, pain, and diarrhea

In conclusion, there are digestive complications that can be caused by colitis Because of this, its best to try to avoid all of these foods as much as possible Many people make them part of their daily diet However, its wise to look for healthy alternatives This way, you can control this disease and feel back to normal in no time!


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