7 Ways to Treat and Prevent Heartburn Without Seeing A Doctor

1 Choose the best sleeping position When it comes to heartburn, the way you sleep really matters

For people suffering from it, the best sleeping position is on your left side, as it helps your digestion Another way to sleep is with your upper body elevated, because it prevents stomach acid from flowing up your esophagus However, note that lifting your head alone with regular pillows won’t help, so either use a wedge-shaped one or find another way to raise the head of your bed about 6 inches 2 Pay attention to what you eat Avoiding trigger foods might be the best thing you can do to prevent heartburn

The list includes citrus fruits, coffee and caffeinated drinks (soda as well), peppermint, tomatoes, alcohol (especially red wine), chocolate, garlic, onions and spicy foods And of course, stay away from junk and processed food — the better quality products you eat, the better your body digests them! 3 Pay attention to how you eat Continuing the topic of nutrition: don’t inhale your food Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and divide your daily ration into small portions: instead of having 2 huge meals during the day, have 5 smaller ones Don’t consume foods that are excessively hot or cold

Another important thing to keep in mind: wait at least 2 hours after you eat before lying down — don’t run to the fridge at night! 4 Take care of your body This means quitting smoking and heavy drinking, and losing weight A generally healthy body definitely contributes to the stabilization of gastroenterological processes You might be excited to hear that losing even a few pounds can bring fast relief from heartburn That’s what recent studies show

Scientists aren’t exactly sure how this works yet, but one of the guesses is that the excess fat puts extra pressure on your stomach, causing the fluid to go up So if no other lifestyle changes help you fight heartburn, you might want to talk to your doctor about healthy ways to get your BMI below 25 5 Know your superfoods They say: “Know your enemy”, but you should definitely know your allies too! When it comes to fighting and preventing heartburn, these superfoods will stand by your side: vegetables, non-citrus fruits, ginger, oatmeal, lean meats and egg whites What do they all have in common? These products don’t trigger your acid reflux, help your digestive system work properly (e

g by containing fiber) and are all low-fat 6 Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes This might sound a bit surprising, but it’s a proven fact: tight clothes and belts put extra pressure on your abdomen and cause a rise in the amount of fluid in your stomach So reconsidering your wardrobe may not be such a bad idea

Some people report coming as far as going up a whole clothes size After all, being healthy and feeling good is what makes you truly beautiful! 7 Reduce your stress levels Scientists still aren’t sure whether stress itself worsens your heartburn, but they do know that it’s definitely another trigger One theory is that stress makes us more perceptive to various physical discomforts, including acid in your esophagus However, despite all the theories, we all know the reality of heartburn you aggravating before and during important meetings, difficult decisions and generally hard times

So do everything you can to keep your stress levels down: try some yoga, enroll in a dance class or get a pet — anything that works for you!


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