6 Foods To Avoid For Heart Burns | Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

six foods to completely avoid if you have heartburn sir acid reflux some foods to completely avoid if you have heartburn sir acid reflux one citrus fruits citrus fruits are great for your health normally but they simply worsen the condition if you are suffering from acid reflux is citrus fruits are naturally acidic and this puts on an additional pressure in your digestive system this is strictly not advisable when you have such citrus fruit on an empty stomach too high fat meats high fat meats or the red meats are one food that you have to stay away from during acidic refluxes red meats such as pork beef and lamb are extremely hard to digest and this makes them stay in your digestive system for a longer duration 3 aerated beverages there are some people who drink and carbonated her aerated drinks with an assumption that it causes them to broke thus releasing the acidity this is incorrect in many ways first they do not cause you to burp and secondly they do not lessen your acidic levels carbonated drinks are themselves acidic in character for chocolate chocolate lovers kindly excuse us but if you have heart burns or if you feel that you are having such sensations then it would be safe to stay away from chocolates 5 Tomatoes tomatoes are strict knowing you have acid reflux is this goes for even tomato based foods like ketchup or puree tomatoes are natural sources of citric acid and malic acid and these can cause irritations in the stomach lining causing the reflux 6 coffee coffee is not exactly good for your acid troubles in many cases caffeine sends up your acidic levels thus increasing the heartburn Coffee is a type of perked up food that causes the gastric region to empty soon this leaves space for the acids to rise up and can occupy your intestines thank you for watching the video please subscribe my channel for more videos you


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