6 Delicious Vegan Ice-Creams Even Non-Vegans Will Love

We’re big believers in moderation, and when it comes to life in general, we’re first to subscribe to the idea. Everything from Netflix, to Marie Kondo, to self-tanning, to kale, we know it’s all about moderation.

But there are some moments in life that require an eat-straight-from-the-ice-cream-tub level of binge (be honest now, you know you’ve been there). And, as long as it’s not something you’re doing every week, tucking into a good ice-cream can solve — or at least help soothe — most problems.

However, if you’d rather not go too crazy, cracking a tub of vegan-cream can be the perfect compromise. Made without a single animal product in sight, vegan ice-cream is fast becoming a dessert of choice for non-vegans too, and for good reason — the options are actually really delicious.

Keep reading to shop the best vegan ice creams on offer.


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