Welcome and welcome In this video we are going to fight acidity

Acidity is a common problem This happens as a result of eating too often, having too much stress or not exercising enough The symptoms of acidity can range from indigestion, constipation and the presence of burning after eating In this house treat we take 5-6 tulasi or holy basil leaves and chew them to get Instant relief This treat house is basically a cup of cold milk without any sugar and this is something Ive personally tried every time Just consume this for immediate relief, if you are Do not calorie-conscious, you can add a teaspoon of ghee to your milk and have it to get Relief also

This curing house mainly takes a few gira or cumin seeds and cuts them You are It can also be chosen to boil Gera or Cumin seeds into water and then consume this water once It has been constantly cooled to get instant relief from your acidity Hope to feel better If you find this video useful, please love and subscribe to our channel thanks for watching


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