10 Keto Snacks That Everyone Will Enjoy – Even Vegetarians!

The keto diet is back and better than ever; more and more people are interested in the eating plan that favours protein and healthy fats and advises you to cut down on sugars and carbohydrates. The goal is to put your body into ketosis, which means you’re burning fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. For us, no matter what we’re doing, we need to have snacks on hand. We get hungry throughout the day, and we like having something healthy and delicious to reach for. That’s why we’re into these 10 keto-approved bites.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, you’ll find something in this list that speaks to you. We’re into these spicy almonds and cookie dough-flavoured protein bars, and they’d be in our cart whether or not we’re following a keto diet. The best part? All these picks are at Walmart, which is convenient and great for our wallet. Are you ready to snack smarter? Just keep reading to shop our picks.


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